Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga to Strengthen & Empower 1 - This moderate Hatha style class focuses on mind-body connection and attunes breath with movement via long holds and yoga flow. Emphasis is placed on alignment, enhancing body strength and improving flexibility. Leave class feeling calm and inspired to continue your practice.                        

No Class Prerequisite

Great for beginners and intermediate practitioners

Yoga to Strengthen & Empower 2 - This challenging Hatha-inspired class pairs breath with movement in controlled holds and vinyasa flow. With strength of mind and body students are guided towards arm balances, inversions and poses requiring deeper flexibility.                    

Prerequisite: Prior yoga practice

Great for intermediate as well as seasoned yogis

Yoga For Athletic Balance - Are you a runner, biker, dancer, tennis player or on a sports team? Yoga For Athletic Balance is structured to complement athletic training in order to maximize athletic potential and help achieve race or game day goals. 

No Class Prerequisite 

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