AntiGravity Aerial Class Descriptions


NOTE: Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class to check in and ready your hammock!

*Studio Requirement: (3) FUNdamentals classes or instructor permission prior to taking AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, Suspension Fitness & AirBarre classes. This is in place for your aerial education and safety!

Wear a shirt with sleeves (NO tank tops) and comfortable pants without zippers or snaps.

Sky's The Limit accommodates ages 11 & up.

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga - Establish presence of mind and body awareness by pairing breath with purposeful movement. Experience spinal elongation, full-body strengthening and flow through yoga poses like Downward Dog and Warrior I & II. You will leave class feeling calm and refreshed after a much-loved floating shavasana.  

Prerequisite: (3) AntiGravity Fundamentals classes or instructor permission

No prior knowledge or practice of yoga necessary

AntiGravity AirBarre – Upbeat and exciting exercise-conditioning that mimics traditional Barre class while adding the aerial dimension. Achieve grace through movement utilizing the Harrison Hammock during this strength building, balance and flexibility-enhancing class. Prepare to be challenged and get toned!  

Prerequisite: (3) AntiGravity Fundamentals classes or instructor permission

AntiGravity Fundamentals - ​FUNdamentals is for everyone! Regardless of your level of athleticism, being upside-down is a phenomenon that requires time to get used to. AntiGravity Fundamentals builds essential strength in the Harrison Hammock and familiarizes you with the necessary grips, wraps and traps needed to participate in AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, Suspension Fitness and AirBarre. Prepare yourself to stretch, strengthen and have FUN!   

No Class Prerequisite

AntiGravity Restorative Yoga - Gently move and stretch in the hammock to calm and nurture your body. Leave the studio’s quiet atmosphere feeling renewed, relaxed and relieved of stress…yogahhh!

No Class Prerequisite 

AntiGravity Suspension Fitness - Target every muscle in your body as this class takes it up a notch to 

provide the ultimate training. Test your core strength and push yourself while in the Harrison Hammock. Get ready to sweat it out and soar to new heights. 

Prerequisite: (3) AntiGravity Fundamentals classes or instructor permission

AntiGravity Teen - Hop in a hammock and safely swing, flip and turn upside-down to fun, upbeat music! Designed for ages 11 through 15, this class pulls content from AntiGravity Fundamentals, Aerial Yoga, AirBarre and Suspension Fitness. 

No Class Prerequisite

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