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Sky's The Limit - Aerial Fitness & Yoga

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Tyra Clemmenson

Tyra attended Wake Forest University where she majored in Health & Exercise Science and played Division I Field Hockey. She was first introduced to yoga as a teenager during a group-led backcountry expedition, where it became a powerful tool to relax and stretch tight muscles. Tyra received her yoga training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-500) with specialized training in Teaching Yoga To Athletes. She aims to use her knowledge of competitive athletics paired with yoga to enhance individuals' athletic performance. Additionally, Tyra holds a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health. As a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), Tyra uses yoga practices and poses to address health concerns like diabetes, anxiety, hypo/hyperthyroidism, cardiac rehabilitation, depression and others, to cultivate wellness. Overall, her teaching style focuses on anatomical alignment, mindful movement and challenging individuals to step outside their comfort zone to promote personal growth, increase strength and gain better understanding of their bodies.


Tyra further expanded her repertoire of yoga certification by obtaining aerial training at Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity Fitness Lab in New York City. Her aerial knowledge includes certifications in AntiGravity Fundamentals 1 & 2, Aerial Yoga 1 & 2, Restorative Aerial Yoga, Suspension Fitness 1 & 2 and AirBarre. Tyra continually changes aerial class content to work different muscle groups and frequently offers pose variations for confident exploration of exercises and inversions while in the hammock. Laughter is always welcome in her classes - aerial is fun! Tyra looks forward to sharing her excitement of this method of movement with those willing to take their fitness and yoga into the third dimension!

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“Tyra creates an inclusive environment where students of all skill levels are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone in a safe and supported way. I always leave her classes feeling challenged and empowered! I would recommend Tyra’s classes to anyone looking to gain confidence and grow physically and mentally stronger.” -GC

Aerial Classes

Aerial Class Descriptions

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Class Difficulty:  1         (light heat) through 5                                             (feel the burn) 

NOTE: Please arrive 15 minutes before class to check in, use the restroom and ready your hammock!

Wear a shirt with sleeves (no tank tops) and comfortable bottoms. 

Sky's The Limit accommodates ages 11 & up.


Aerial Yoga - Aerial Yoga establishes presence of mind and body awareness through pairing breath with purposeful movement. Hop into a hammock to stretch, build strength and gain new perspective by being upside-down. Inversions decompress the spine and reduce tension. Come elevate your everyday, have fun and fly!

Class Difficulty:

Prerequisite: No class prerequisite or prior knowledge/practice of yoga necessary

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Advanced Aerial Yoga - ​Experience full-body strengthening and spinal elongation as you flow through yoga poses such as Cat/Cow, Downward Dog and Warrior I & II. Improve flexibility, test your balance and increase spatial awareness with challenging aerial inversions and unique pose combinations. A much-loved floating shavasana at the end of class will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

Class Difficulty: 

Prerequisite: Instructor permission

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Pop Up Classes


Aerial Barre - Upbeat and exciting exercise-conditioning that mimics traditional Barre class while adding the aerial dimension. Achieve grace through movement utilizing the Harrison Hammock during this strength building, balance and flexibility-enhancing class. Be challenged and get toned!            

Class Difficulty: 

Prerequisite: No class prerequisite

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Aerial Fusion - Be prepared to sweat, soar and step outside your comfort zone. Aerial Fusion is designed to sculpt and strengthen every muscle in your body. Get ready to fire up your core and feel the burn! Finish your aerial class energized and empowered.

Class Difficulty: 

Prerequisite: At least (3) Aerial Yoga classes or with instructor permission 

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Restorative Aerial Yoga – Gently move and stretch in the hammock to calm and nurture your body. Leave the studio’s quiet atmosphere feeling renewed, relaxed and relieved of stress…yogahhh!

Class Difficulty: 

No Class Prerequisite

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"I would like to take the opportunity to highly recommend aerial yoga at Sky’s The Limit with Tyra. I have been enjoying her classes for 1 ½ years. It has not only helped me gain strength in my core and upper body but is a workout mentally as well. Focus and concentration, tuning the world out, is part of the process. I look forward to my personal training as well as the group classes. Don’t be shy and give it a try! Trust me, it’s not only for the young but also the young at heart!"

-DAB, Age 71

Schedule + Sign Up + Pricing
Class Schedule:


10 AM - Aerial Yoga  

11:15AM - Advanced Aerial Yoga   

Pop-up classes announced via the studio's email list, Facebook & Instagram @skysthelimitafy

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Sign Up:

TEXT 860.936.8552 with your:

First & Last Name 

Class Name, Date & Time 

No Walk-Ins 

Aerial Class Pricing:

1 Class - $25

3 for $63 – One time, 3 Class Pass ($21/class)

5 Class Pass - $117.50 ($23.50/class)

10 Class Pass - $220 ($22/class)

20 Class Pass – $400 ($20/class)

College Students/Military  - $20 (With valid ID)

Private Parties & Events: 


Girls' Night Out

Bachelorette Parties

Team Building

Family Fun 

Youth Groups

         ...and more!

Please contact Sky's The Limit at


Class Pass & Cancellation Policies:

*Class passes are non-transferable & non-refundable. 
*Passes have a 6-month expiration.

*Cancellations must be completed 3 hours before class out of courtesy to those on the waitlist 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is aerial fitness & yoga?

Aerial fitness and yoga is a great way to move your body. Aerial encompasses full-body conditioning, makes yoga poses more accessible and fosters mindfulness. It’s a great way to revisit your youth, a time when you exercised without realizing it because you were having tons of fun!

Can anyone participate in aerial fitness & yoga?

Absolutely! Aerial fitness and yoga is for people of all ages, no matter your shape, size or athletic ability. Sky's The Limit accommodates ages 11 and up. 

What should I wear to aerial class?

Wear comfortable bottoms and a shirt with sleeves that covers your underarms for your comfort and sanitary purposes - no tank tops. Synthetic materials can be slippery in the hammock, so consider wearing clothing with natural fibers like cotton. Please no jewelry as it can catch on the hammocks.

What should I bring to aerial class?

A water bottle and an open mind. 

Are aerial hammocks safe?

100% safe. The hammocks are certified to hold up to 1,000 lbs.


How big are aerial classes?

Aerial classes are limited to a maximum of nine participants. 

What are the health benefits of aerial fitness and yoga?

Aerial fitness and yoga boast a variety of health benefits: increased circulation, spinal re-alignment to help alleviate back pain, full body strengthening, low-impact cardiovascular conditioning, increased joint mobility, flexibility and more.


What are aerial contraindications?

Safety is the studio’s #1 priority! If you have any of the contraindications below, consult your physician before taking an aerial class.

Aerial contraindications:

Recent surgeries (especially shoulder, eyes, hips, back, hand or wrist)



Easy onset vertigo or fainting

Severe arthritis

Recent head injury or stroke

Carpal tunnel

Disc herniation

Very high or very low blood pressure

Hiatal hernia

Cerebral sclerosis


Botox (within the last six hours)

Should I eat before class?

This is a personal preference. However, it’s recommended to eat something light to prevent dizziness. 

What if I'm late to class or have to leave early?

Arrive 15 minutes prior to class to check-in, use the restroom and ready your hammock. If you are going to be late, please call/text the studio at 860.936.8552. The studio entrance is locked at the start of class. If you have to leave early, notify the instructor before class to ensure a non-disruptive exit.

What if I'm new to yoga?

No worries! Newcomers are always welcome in Sky's The Limit - Aerial Fitness & Yoga classes. 

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How are AntiGravity aerial classes different from other aerial classes?

AntiGravity Fitness was founded in 2007 by Christopher Harrison, a world-renowned gymnast, Broadway dancer and an aerial entertainment producer/director/choreographer. Christopher spent years perfecting aerial techniques and its equipment before AntiGravity Fitness classes were introduced to the public. AntiGravity Fitness is globally recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. It extends to nearly 50 countries and can be found in 700 locations worldwide. Sky's The Limit - Aerial Fitness & Yoga is the first certified AntiGravity Fitness studio in Connecticut! 

Learn more about AntiGravity Fitness at

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"I’ve been dedicated to Sky’s The Limit aerial yoga since 2019. Tyra’s teaching style meets my needs: challenging classes that build strength, endurance and flexibility with a gentle learning approach. I love the ever changing class routine to prevent boredom. Tyra enforces a safe practice and clean environment. Aerial yoga is fun while working the core and more!" -JD


Contact The Studio



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222 Main Street - Suite 129

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Studio located at Farmington Valley Dance & Music

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